It was only supposed to be a friendly night out on the town, a chance to relax away from the school and every possible establishment crammed with couples out on dates -- so where better to escape human social holidays than among the demons at Nyx's Lounge?

One step in the door to find the familiar speakeasy filled not with the usual band music and joking, but instead with demons of all kinds paired at tables and wearing numbered name tags while in nervous conversation, and already suspicions were rising. Suspicions that were confirmed when a bell rang (thanks to a sharp-eyed Alp floating next to Kikuri-Hime reading a ledger of names) and half the demons got up and shuffled, moving to the next table, only to start a new awkward conversation.

Speed dating. Even it had reached demonic society.

The door to the lounge fell shut behind the teens with a heavy, final thud.

This is going to be Terrible

♥ Post to this with your characters, and someone else will reply with theirs. Even if you make a starter post of your character, you can still have them going around in other threads because what is crack.

♥ You may get a demon. They need love too. It's the inside that counts, right?

♥ Each character has a number assigned to them (for simplicity's sake, the same number assigned to their arcana). Demons also have numbers, which will be given in their post. Near the end of the event, characters (and demons) check off what numbers they're interested in, and Alp and Kikuri-Hime will send matches off on their merry way. Don't be surprised if some demons try to rig results, though.

♥ Beware of Alp.

What? Valentine's Day crack? SURE.

As part of just getting the ball rolling again, there will be a little ooc meme for Valentines later on in the afternoon (with post going up around 2pm EST). If you're around, comment here and/or stop on in! Because if nothing, we all appreciate crack. The Velvetroom chat will be open throughout the day.

If livestream audio will work, there miiight be a group livestream for a terrible movie playing on the side, later in the evening.
Faceshot? WHat faceshot?

Hiatus (OffHiatus)


Just so people know, I'm going to be REALLY busy till about mid-December due to end of term projects. I might be able to make some time to finish things (like the Sandman thread) or quick chat dungeons but I'm going to be pretty much absent till then.

If people are interested in threading or whatever, feel free to shoot me a message (even offline) on AIM! I'm open to plotting~

EDIT: Off now~
b'aaaaaaw; I'm so moved

Forever sentimental

I'm certain you're sick of the revolving door by now but this will be the last time you have to go through this with me, I promise. I apologize for jerking everyone around with the "here again, gone again" routine I've been subjecting you guys to for the past couple of years.

I know I don't always express this clearly (or at all) but this game is and has always been very special to me. The people in it have been a big part of my life since I joined up at its very start. Velvet is a very special group, at least to me. It was the first group online I'd ever felt truly at home in and it wouldn't be a lie to say that in many ways, it was my refuge. As most of you know, I'm the mother of child with special needs. He's now in first grade at a public elementary school. I believe when I first started here he was in his final year of preschool and I don't know if any of you remember how nervous I was when my son's father and I made the difficult decision to transfer him from a special needs school to regular one. Or that my first year at Velvet was also the first time I ever completed Nanowrimo, something I'd been trying and failing at for years. I don't know if any of you remember that Lilly, my first character here and the Priestess character first run, was the first OC I'd ever apped for in a game or how surprised I was at how well-received she was. Until Velvet, I had been kind of an internet recluse, keeping to myself, which I'd apped for on a whim after seeing what I'd thought was an interesting game advertised on a comm I was in. That simple decision started a ripple effect throughout my life and I've never regretted it.

I made a lot of close friends here, people I'm still close to today. I've met people that I'm not as close to as I would like to be friends with and get to know better. I've seen friends and acquaintances come and go in the years I've been a part of this group. Some of these absences are still very keenly felt and as much as I like new faces and making new friends, these absences have taken their toll on me. It's become very difficult for me to play here without remembering times that are long past and missing playing with people that my characters were close to, that myself as a person and player remain close to.
The game has changed for me because of this sentimentality. The group's moved on, brought new faces in, and so forth. But I guess that I haven't really moved on with it and I need to. I've tried everything I can think of in order to stay with this group who, even now, will always have a special place in my heart, except for the one thing that'd be the best for me to do in this situation and that is to let go.

And this brings me to the original purpose of this post. I'll be dropping Vanessa and no longer participating in this game. However, I do wish all of you the best of luck and a good time. And I'm very sorry for derping and taking this long to figure things out for myself.
Take care of yourselves and I'll see you when I see you.

- Alice
ooc/lovers arcana/chibi/whhhyyy

Planning to finish the Sandman Demon Thread (Alex, Alice, Chels, Justin, Me)


Since we all keep missing each other, this is to plan a time where we can finish the Sandman Demon Thread. The google doc version is still up here if anyone wants to keep adding to it before then but I think we mainly need one more chat session to finish the thread off. 

Mark down your name and check off the general time you think you might be available here: http://doodle.com/h99iczatvt24nz27?

(no subject)

Hey all! There will be two demon chats on thursday night a little after 6pm est, one for 2012 and one for 1934. 

There will also be a second demon chat for 2012 friday at 7pm est, for anyone who can't make the thursday one. See you thennn~

Demon Instance Chat threads, 10/22 - 10/26

Hey all, Chelsie here~

For those that are interested, I'm planning to run/GM two demon threads through aim chat, one for each time period, in the upcoming week. Posts will be quick and short, and to keep things from getting out of hand there's room for 4-5 characters in each instance.

My availability to GM is:

Wednesday, after 10pm est
Thursday, after 7pm est
Friday, after 6pm est

If you're interested, please comment below and we can sort out a time to run the two threads.


Hey guys!

This weekend (the 22nd/23rd) we're doing threads where characters get their persona! I know I've mentioned it to you guys in chat before, but just thought I'd post a reminder for you all. They'll start 8pm EST, and I hope to have them moving relatively quickly.

In the meantime, let's finish up mailbox threads asap. 2012 kids, I would suggest sending something else through to 1934, like notes and letters. Post-mailbox threads for characters are welcome and encouraged! So is mailing letters back and forth! Go go go!
temperance; chaos and harmony

Hay gaiz

I think I've met most of the new faces here in chat but to be safe, I'll go ahead and introduce myself. XD; I'm Alice and I'll be playing Vanessa Pennington, your 2012 Temperance character. I played in the first run of the game (Priestess and Chariot, if you're curious) and I'm very glad to be back. Vanessa's profile and CR post can be found on her journal~

Um, some things about myself. I like reading, writing, video games, and all sorts of music. I have a six-almost-seven year old son with autistic tendencies that I love dearly and will likely gush about at the slightest provocation. I'm a big fan of TV shows (Doctor Who, Criminal Minds, Supernatural, NCIS, NCIS:LA, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer to name a few) and campy movies. I also like things that aren't campy. I have an absurd fondness for all things horribly 80s. Also, 90s cheese.

I can't really think of much else to add that's all that interesting but feel free to poke me anytime! I don't bite and I love meeting new people. :D

- Alice